August Meeting - Dart: Another Tool in the Toolbox!

Our next meeting will be Monday, August 4th, from 7:00-9:00pm at Capital Factory downtown.


Dart, a language designed by Google and recently approved by the Ecma, is build momentum as a structured and scalable web programming language. Dart compiles to JavaScript and runs across the open modern web. Nola will give an overview of the language and show how easy it is to use for console and web applications. Jesse Riggins will explain the power of the Dart VM and how he uses it at SonarDesign.


Jesse Riggins & Nola Stowe - Maybe we'll think of something clever to put here, but we are best experienced over beers (or root beer) at socialization practice. :)

Beers and socialization practice to follow at HandleBar on 5th street.


Thanks again to Capital Factory for providing the space for this month’s meeting! You can find them on the 16th floor of the Austin Centre business tower, downtown at 701 Brazos Street.

We’ll see y’all there!