What Excites you about Ruby?

Our next meeting will be Monday, June 2nd, from 7:00-9:00pm at Capital Factory downtown.

Our talk this month will be from Andrew Harrison. Quoth Andrew:

Coming from 12 years of Java background, I was dropped into the deep end of the Ruby pool when I joined the OtherInbox team 2 years ago. Since then, I've been kicking myself for not learning Ruby sooner. Being able to 'code at the speed of thought', along with a great community and rich code resources just a web search away, makes coding in ruby a pure joy.

I still would consider myself a bit green, but I would like to spend this month's meetup sharing a few interesting code snippets, and then give everyone ample chance to share in their own excitement when it comes to programming in Ruby.


Thanks again to Capital Factory for providing the space for this month’s meeting! You can find them on the 16th floor of the Austin Centre business tower, downtown at 701 Brazos Street.

We’ll see y’all there!